Karate Ontario Grand Prix 3


Congratulations to all our club competitors with successfully finished (December 5, 2010) Ontario Championship. Now only one Grand Prix separates athletes from Canadian Nationals in March.

(14-15) yo

1. Regina Lvov                          -47kg-----1

2. Tal Bratkov                            -54kg-----2

3. Michelle Pokrass                    -54kg-----1

4. Milana Darchieva                   -54kg-----3

5. Anissa Laribi                         +54kg----1

6. Roman Mityaev                     -52kg-----3

7. Artyom Alekseev                   -52kg-----1

8. Vadim Semenikhine               -70kg-----1

9. Mike Konnov                         +70kg----2



10. Samantha Krystantos            -59kg----1 (16-17)

11. Andrej Holly                           -55kg-----2

12. Daniel Gaysinsky                    -61kg-----2


Adults and (18-20)yo

13. Denis Adigamov                 -68kg-----1(18-20)

67kg-----2 (adults)

14. Yuri Kaspin                        -75kg-----1 adults

15. Kirill Bazhenov                   -84kg-----1 adults

16.  Gena Sereda                    +78kg----3(18-20)



Karate Ontario

Roman Saltikov awarded Coach of the Year 2010.


Karate Ontario is recognized by the provincial government (through the Ministry of Health Promotion) as the only sport governing body for karate in Ontario.


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