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Karate Ontario Grand Prix #4

November 18,2012(Newmarket ,ON) Karate Ontario Association had #4 Grand Prix .This was last qualifying tournament to select Ontario Provincial Team for upcoming Canadian Nationals (march, Toronto).We did great! This year our club will have record number selected for Provincial Team. This will put lots of pressure on us at the Team trainings and Actual performance at Nationals. We had great energy this year and lets finish well and get good number of of our members in the Canadian National Team !

R.S.Karate members in the Ontario Provincial Team

1.Gary Zipenco 14-15 -52kg

2.Mike Lotkin 14-15 -63kg

3.Mike Grinberg 14-15 -57kg

4.Max Verzounov 14-15 -70kg

5.Noam Prudovski 14-15 girls +54kg

6.Artyom Muradyan 16-17 -55kg

7.Andriy Guzenko 16-17 -68kg

8.Roman Mityaev 16-17 -68kg

9.Vadim Semenikhine 16-17 -76kg

10.Mike Konnov 16-17 +76kg

11.Regina Lvov 16-17 -48kg

12.Michelle Pokrass 16-17 -53kg

Adults women -55kg

13.Tal Bratkov 16-17 -59kg

14.Anissa Laribi 16-17 +59kg

15.Daniel Gaysinsky 18-20 -78kg

Adults -75kg

16.Denis Adigamov 18-20 -68kg

Adults -67kg

17.Kirill Bazhenov Adults -84kg

18.Samantha Krystantos 18-20 -60kg

Adults -55kg

19.Tina Sharifi adults -61kg

Plus 2 guest competitors who associated with our team :

20.Leivin Chung adults -60kg

21.Leirik Chung adults -67kg

Good luck at Nationals (March 2013,Toronto)!!!

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