Karate Canada National Championships at the Richmond Olympic Oval,BC. 

The weeks' activities started on Tuesday, March 13 with the tournament from March 16-18, 2012.

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Sensei Roman Saltikov.                                                                                         (RS Karate)

Otosan karate international Championships (New York, USA)

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Congratulations to all RS Karate competitors with great performance!!!

Sensei Roman Saltikov.                                                                      (RS Karate)

School Tournament 2011 (Toronto)

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Roman Saltikov.                                                                                                         (RS Karate)

Mental preparation

This topic will help to set the proper mind frame for the best performance on the day of the competitions.

First rule-deal with it! If something is bothering you then replay the correct procedure in your mind, establish your priority, and take care of business. For example: if you have in your mind that you failed to perform properly at scoring the technique required, then replay right away in your mind the successful performance(2-3 times).


Our club members in Ontario Provincial Team qualified for 2012 Canadian National Championship (march, BC):

1.Tal Bratkov                      (14-15 girls-54kg)
2.Anissa Laribi                     (14-15 girls+54kg)
3.Artyom Muradyan              (14-15 boys -52kg)
4.Artyom Alekseev               (14-15 boys-52kg)
5.Roman Mityaev                 (14-15 boys-57kg)
6.Mike Konnov                     (14-15 boys+70kg)
7.Regina Lvov                      (16-17 girls-48kg)
8.Michal Pokrass                  (16-17 girls-53kg)
9.Samantha Krystantos         (16-17 girls-59kg)
10.Andrej Holly                    (16-17 boys-61kg)
11.Vadim Semenikhine          (16-17 boys-68kg)
12.Daniel Gaysinsky              (16-17 boys-76kg)
                                        (18-20 boys-68kg)
13.Tina Sharifi                    (adults women-61kg)
14.Denis Adigamov                 (adults -75kg)
                                          (18-20 -78kg)
15.Kirill Bazhenov                    (adults-84kg)
                                           (adults open)
Special congratulations  to our friends from Global:
Leivin Chung                          (adults-60kg)
Leirick Chung                          (adults-67kg)

Congratulations!  Good luck at Nationals!!!

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Roman Saltikov


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