Class Schedule


  1. 6 y.o.-active start
  2. 6-9y.o.-FUNdamentals
  3. 9-12y.o. - Learn to train
  4. 12-15y.o. - Train to train
  5. 15-18y.o.-Train to compete
  6. 18-22(24) -Train to perform
  7. 22(24)-and up -Train to win
  8. Any age - Active for life


  • Groups: 1,2,3-Recreational stream
  • Groups: 4,5,6,7-Competetive stream
  • Group:  8-Recreational  stream


Team-Karate Ontario Provincial team members (number of classes unlimited)

Private classes available

Roman Saltikov

Tel. 416-402 0019

Karate Ontario

Roman Saltikov awarded Coach of the Year 2010.


Karate Ontario is recognized by the provincial government (through the Ministry of Health Promotion) as the only sport governing body for karate in Ontario.


arawaza nka

Arawaza is one of the strongest brand names in the martial arts world offering a fine choice of quality products.

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