Daniel Gaysinsky got SILVER at Dutch Open 2017 (+84 kg)

Best competitor for 2017

Stage Daniel Gaysinsky S


fight1 Daniel Gaysinsky S

fight2 Daniel Gaysinsky S

Best Female competitor of 2016.
Anna Sokolovski

Anna Sokolovski.Female competitor of 2016.



Every year our club selects best competitors of the year. This process was made to recognize and remember individual achievements of our athletes. Trophies awarded in 4 divisions:

  1. Girls (under 13 y. o.).
  2. Boys (under 13y. o.).
  3. Seniors (female 14 plus y. o.).
  4. Seniors (male 14 plus y. o.).

Boys and girls (under 13 y. o.) winners selected on the base of total points received during year.

(Counted all events: dojo, provincials and international).

50 points-1 place.

25 points-2 place.

12.5 points-3 place.

5 points-participation (not medaling)

Kumite and kata total points .

Senior competitors selected on the base of their results at the Canadian Nationals or International events. No points counted- just best performance and commitment to sport and work ethics.

Trophies awarded in 4 divisions 2012

Anna Sokolovski Gary Zipenco Michelle Pokrass Kirill_Bazhenov.jpg
thumb Anna Sokolovski Fonseca cup.jpg Gary Zipenco1 Michelle Pokrass1 Kirill  Bazhenov
Anna Sokolovski Gary Zipenco  Michelle Pokrass  Kirill Bazhenov
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