Mental preparation

This topic will help to set the proper mind frame for the best performance on the day of the competitions.

First rule-deal with it! If something is bothering you then replay the correct procedure in your mind, establish your priority, and take care of business. For example: if you have in your mind that you failed to perform properly at scoring the technique required, then replay right away in your mind the successful performance(2-3 times).

Second rule-Face real facts. Find all the possible information about your opponents. It's better if you deal with the real facts then with something that you would create in your mind(sometimes far off from reality).

General guidance for the day of the tournament.

1. Wake up. Check yourself. How do you feel? Smile to yourself. Sounds silly but this is a key skill. If you smile in an exaggerated fashion for 10 seconds there will be a measurable change in your blood chemistry.

2. Deal with how you feel right away. If you had a small rock in your shoe-you would stop and take it out .You don't leave it there until the end of the day until you cant walk anymore. Same is true for any doubts and worries you may have when you wake up. Deal with them right away before you leave the bedroom.

3.Stay connected with activity. Don't pretend like it's not going to happen! Don't try to get totally lost in some distraction( like reading a book) since you will be too far removed from the event and your performance will be flat.

4. Avoid overly complicated tasks on the day of the tournament(homework, business ...) for the same reason as above.

5. Manage your energy. If your heart is pounding at 8 am when you have a 2 pm performance , then you must find ways to calm yourself down .(For example-use breathing techniques to calm down, meditation or any other techniques which help you to deal with emotions.) Otherwise you will be worn out before any action even begins.

6. Check the environment (tournament site). Even if you been there before...things might have changed!(washrooms, change rooms, warm-up areas ...) Check the schedule of events and equipment.

At this point you have just prepared yourself mentally in order to show all of your abilities.

Its critical that you act and think with congruency. Whatever you are doing-do it 100%! For example: you are having a conversation-be totally involved in it. You don't want to establish a pattern of conversing with someone on one subject but in reality thinking about another . Same thing about mental rehearsing . Stay with the part of where you are, don't jump ahead or fly back , concentrate where you are at, see a clear picture of your successful actions.

If you don't establish this habit of being focused on a task that you are doing, then in a period of time, you will not have guarantee that you will be 100% focused by the time that the performance comes!

In moments before the fight (15 min.), focus only on a good start!

At this point , it's not important what will come later in the fight. Make sure to have a good start and carry out a strategy! (proper warm-up is crucial here). That's it!

Don't be too competitive ! Focus on your own strategy! Too much competition brings out a high arousal level, a small level of attention and problems. Just carry out your own game plan- the rest will take care of itself! You own only your actions!

Good Luck! Have a great tournament!

Ps. It is very important to have good rest before an event! Avoid sleeping or napping during the day before an event. Swimming pools and saunas are not recommended. Don't overeat and don't be hungry as well. Prepare all your equipment, snacks ,water ... if you miss something at day of the tournament then this may mentally distract you from your best performance! Be positive! Have fun!

But don't forget to control your emotions and energy level!