Sensei Roman Saltikov was born on July 11,1968 in Riga, Latvia (former USSR). At the age of 8 he started regular Karate training.

Between 1982 and 1989 teaching karate was illegal in Soviet Union and all tournaments were banned. The communist government had decided that karate philosophy did not fit well with the official communist ideology. Teaching karate could result in a prison sentence (and some people actually did serve time in prison!)  Despite this setback, karate still remained very popular among youth and adults. Classes were being conducted behind “closed doors’’ or under different name (e.g.: fitness, boot camp work outs, later kung fu etc.). Karate competitions were also conducted in big secrecy - karate, as a sport officially did not exist for seven years!

While karate was banned, in his teen years Sensei continued his karate training, but competed in boxing competitions. Sensei practiced in a former military club, which quietly kept the Karate training going. In 1986, at the age of 18 Sensei also started teaching Karate. In 1987 Sensei was conscripted into the Soviet Army and served his two years of mandatory military service. These years had brought lots of new experience and perspectives into Sensei’s life. He spent two years teaching physical conditioning and self-defense to military personnel. After retirement from the military service in 1989 Sensei resumed active Karate teaching and competing as a member of Latvian National karate team.

In 1991 Latvia gained back independence from the Soviet Union. Since then Karate in Latvia started to create its own history.

Sensei Saltikov studied Karate from many masters in Europe and went through some training camps in Okinawa, Japan. His first Goju Ryu teacher was Sensei Hiromi Suzuki (Sweden). Sensei H. Suzuki greatly influenced Sensei Saltikov development as a karate teacher, and taught him the traditions and basics of Okinawan Goju ryu karate. Sensei Suzuki took a big part in helping to develop and promote Goju Ryu karate style in Latvia.

In 1997 Sensei Roman Saltikov became first Latvian Goju Ryu Karate Federation president. During the same period of time he also served at Latvian National Karate Federation board as Vice-president.

In 1998 Sensei Saltikov and his family came to Canada.

In 1999 Sensei started teaching karate in Canada. At the same time Sensei resumed his competitive career in Canada. He instantly became a member of Ontario Provincial Karate Team and a member of Canadian National Karate Team, and remained a member of both teams for many years after.

In 2007-2010 he has served as a Member of Board in Karate Ontario as a Director, Representative of athletes.

In 2010 Sensei has been awarded Karate Ontario Coach of the Year.

In addition to Karate Sensei Saltikov successfully competed in many combat sports, such as wrestling, boxing, kickboxing, full contact wushu, pancration. All those experiences became important “building blocks” of Sensei’s martial arts skills. Nevertheless, after many years of competing and teaching, Sensei has devoted most of his time to Sport Karate kumite, under World Karate Federation rules.

In over 25 years of coaching, Sensei has prepared many national and international level athletes, helped many students to develop the level of their physical fitness, confidence and ability to defend themselves in various real-life situations, and introduced them to the world of sports.

Sensei Roman Saltikov constantly strives to improve his karate teaching methods for the benefits of future and present Karate practitioners.

Roman Saltikov, ChPC
( Chartered Professional Coach)

NCCP Competition Development Certified
Canadian National Team Coach
Ontario Provincial Team Coach
R.S.Karate Team Head Coach