Karate Ontario Grand Prix-3 (season 2011/12)

September 25,2011

ThunberK.O Grand Prix 3

Elite divisions results:

1.Tal Bratkov -3 (14-15 girls-54kg)

2.Anissa Laribi -1 (14-15 girls+54kg)

3.Artyom Muradyan -2 (14-15 boys -52kg)

4.Artyom Alekseev -1 (14-15 boys-52kg)

5.Mike Lotkin -3 (14-15 boys-52kg)

6.Gary Zipenco -3 (14-15 boys-52kg)

7.Roman Mityaev -1 (14-15 boys-57kg)K.O Grand Prix 3

8.Alexander Lyulin-3 (14-15 boys-57kg)

9.Max Verzounov-3 (14-15 boys-63kg)

10.Mike Hait-2 (14-15 boys-63kg)

11.Shelly Temnik-3 (14-15 girls-47kg)

12.Mike Konnov -1 (14-15 boys+70kg)

13.Regina Lvov -1 (16-17 girls-48kg)

14.Michelle Pokrass -1 (16-17 girls-53kg)K.O Grand Prix 3

15.Samantha Krystantos -1 (16-17 girls-59kg)

16.Mike Founk -3 (16-17 boys-61kg)

17.Andrej Holly -2 (16-17 boys-61kg)

18.Vadim Semenikhine -3 (16-17 boys-68kg)

19.Daniel Gaysinsky -2 (16-17 boys-76kg)

20.Tina Sharifi -2 (adults women-61kg)

21.Denis Adigamov -1 (adults -75kg)

22. -3 (adults open)

23.Kirill Bazhenov -1 (adults-84kg)K.O Grand Prix 3

24. -1 (adults open)

Special congratulations to our friends from Global:

Leivin Chung-2 (adults-60kg)

Lerick Chung-1 (adults-67kg)

Congratulations to all RS Karate competitors with great performance!!!

Roman Saltikov.

Karate Ontario Grand Prix-2 (season 2011/12)Ontario GP2 2011-12

June 5,2011

Elite divisions results:

1.Tal Bratkov -3 (14-15 girls-54kg)

2.Anissa Laribi -1 (14-15 girls+54kg)

3.Artyom Muradyan -2 (14-15 boys -52kg)

4.Artyom Alekseev -1 (14-15 boys-52kg)

5.Mike Lotkin -3 (14-15 boys-52kg)

6.Max Khaissarov-3 (14-15 boys-52kg)

7.Roman Mityaev -1 (14-15 boys-57kg)

8.Mike Grinberg-2 (14-15 boys-57kg)

9.Mike Konnov -1 (14-15 boys+70kg)

10.Regina Lvov -1 (16-17 girls-48kg)

11.Michelle Pokrass -1 (16-17 girls-53kg)

12.Samantha Krystantos -2 (16-17 girls-59kg)

13.Mike Founk -3 (16-17 boys-61kg)

14.Andrej Holly -1 (16-17 boys-61kg)

15.Vadim Semenikhine -1 (16-17 boys-68kg)

16.Daniel Gaysinsky -1 (16-17 boys-76kg)Ontario_GP2_2011-12_a

17.Denis Adigamov -3 (adults -67kg)

18.Yuri Kaspin -3 (adults -75kg)

19.Kirill Bazhenov -1 (adults -84kg) -3 (adults open )

Great job everybody! Congratulations!

Sensei R.Saltikov

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OpenMontreal2011Montreal Open 2011

Last weekend (may 15) our club sent competitors to Montreal Open tournament. This is best local tournament to get some experience and prepare yourself to upcoming Nationals, especially for cadets and juniors. Some divisions had international representation.


1.Artyom Muradyan-Bronze

2.Artyom Alekseev -Bronze

3.Regina Lvov -Bronze

4.Anissa Laribi -Silver

5.Michelle Pokrass -Silver

6.Gary Zipenco -Gold(kata),silver

7.Daniel Gaysinsky -Gold

8.Sensei -Silver

Congratulations to all who medalled and special thanks to parents who supported this event.

Sensei R.Saltikov

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USA Open And, Junior Olympics April 22-24, 2011LasVegas2011

Five of our club's Competitors attended a world class event at the Caesar's Palace(Las Vegas).This is the biggest karate tournament in Pan America (athletes came from around the World-approximately 50 countries).Great site, well organized and managed event. Competitions were held on 10 tatamis from early morning to late night all 3 days. Our club's adults unfortunately lost their matches in non medal rounds. Juniors, Samantha Krystantos and Gary Zipenco had great competitions and managed to get medals(Samantha-gold, Gary-bronze).

Next year we will do our best to attend this great event with bigger group of students and get same experience again!


Roman Saltikov awarded Coach of the Year 2010.


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