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Results from Karate Ontario Grand Prix-1 (season 2011/12)

April 17,2011ontario_gp1_april_2011

Elite divisions results:

1.Tal Bratkov -1 (14-15 girls-54kg)

2.Anissa Laribi -2 (14-15 girls+54kg)

3.Artyom Muradyan -2 (14-15 boys -52kg)

4.Artyom Alekseev -1 (14-15 boys-52kg)

5.Roman Mityaev -1 (14-15 boys-57kg)

6.Idan Shtinberg -3 (14-15 boys-63kg)

7.Mike Konnov -1 (14-15 boys+70kg)

8.Regina Lvov -1 (16-17 girls-48kg)

9.Michelle Pokrass -1 (16-17 girls-53kg)

10.Samantha Krystantos -1 (16-17 girls-59kg)

11.Mike Founk -3 (16-17 boys-61kg)

12.Daniel Holly -3 (16-17 boys-61kg)

13.Vadim Semenikhine -1 (16-17 boys-68kg)

14.Daniel Gaysinsky -1 (16-17 boys-76kg)

15.Denis Adigamov -2 (adults -67kg)

-2 (adults open weight)

16.Yuri Kaspin -3 (adults open weight)

17.Kirill Bazhenov -1 (adults -84kg)

Congratulations to all competitors with great start of 2011/2012 season !!!

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logo karatenationals2011Results from Canadian Nationals 2011.

Here how medaled our clubs competitors :quebec2011w

1.Regina Lvov -47 kg(14-15)-bronze

2.Michelle Pokrass -54 kg(14-15)-silver

3.Anissa Laribi +54 kg(14-15)-bronze cadet team

4.Samantha Krystantos-59 kg(16-17)-bronze junior team

5.Mike Founk -52 kg(14-15)

6.Vadim Semenikhine -70 kg(14-15)-gold, silver cadet team

7.Mike Konnov +70 kg(14-15)-silver cadet team

8.Daniel Gaysinsky -61 kg(16-17)-silver, bronze cadet team

9.Denis Adigamov -67 kg Adults-bronze -68 kg(18-20)

10.Yuri Kaspin -75 kg Adults

11.Kirill Bazhenov -84 kg Adults-silver adult team

12.Train Iancu Open Adults -silver adult team

Congratulations to all competitors ! Well done!

Everyone got great experience and new energy to continue their sport journey. For some athletes, this tournament finished 2011 season...for some-this is next step before international competitions with Canadian National Team at Pan-Ams or Junior Worlds this year.

Congratulations and have a great season!!!

Sensei R.Saltikov

Karate Ontario Grand Prix 4On January 23rd, 2011 Karate Ontario hosted the Grand Prix#4. This was the last Provincial GP of the 2010/11 season and this tournament finalized the selection of the Karate Ontario Provincial Team.

Congratulations to our club members who got spots in the Karate Ontario Provincial Team this season:

1. Regina Lvov -47 kg(14-15)

2. Michelle Pokrass -54 kg(14-15)

3. Anissa Laribi +54 kg(14-15)

4. Samantha Krystantos -59 kg(16-17)

5. Mike Founk -52 kg(14-15)

6. Vadim Semenikhine -70 kg(14-15)

7. Mike Konnov +70 kg(14-15)

8. Daniel Gaysinsky -61 kg(16-17)

9. Denis Adigamov -67 kg Adults & -68 kg(18-20)

10. Yuri Kaspin -75 kg Adults

11. Kirill Bazhenov -84 kg Adults

12. Train Iancu Open Adults

Next step are the Canadian Nationals on March (18-20), 2011

Let's hope everybody has a great final preparation and is successful at Nationals!!!


Also congratulations to all the kids that competed in the recreational divisions at this tournament. For many of them it was their first competition experience. Some got medals, some lost their matches...but all of this is just the process of an athlete's development. Participation in tournaments motivates kids to work harder in the gym and brings some excitement to their routine.

The next tournament we will have is in April. This gives everybody time to get stronger and to improve.

Let's not to waste time! Set your goals and work to achieve them!

Sensei R.Saltikov

Karate Ontario Grand Prix 3


Congratulations to all our club competitors with successfully finished (December 5, 2010) Ontario Championship. Now only one Grand Prix separates athletes from Canadian Nationals in March.

(14-15) yo

1. Regina Lvov                          -47kg-----1

2. Tal Bratkov                            -54kg-----2

3. Michelle Pokrass                    -54kg-----1

4. Milana Darchieva                   -54kg-----3

5. Anissa Laribi                         +54kg----1

6. Roman Mityaev                     -52kg-----3

7. Artyom Alekseev                   -52kg-----1

8. Vadim Semenikhine               -70kg-----1

9. Mike Konnov                         +70kg----2



10. Samantha Krystantos            -59kg----1 (16-17)

11. Andrej Holly                           -55kg-----2

12. Daniel Gaysinsky                    -61kg-----2


Adults and (18-20)yo

13. Denis Adigamov                 -68kg-----1(18-20)

67kg-----2 (adults)

14. Yuri Kaspin                        -75kg-----1 adults

15. Kirill Bazhenov                   -84kg-----1 adults

16.  Gena Sereda                    +78kg----3(18-20)




Roman Saltikov awarded Coach of the Year 2010.


The Ontario Karate Federation is focused on improving the promotion and accessibility of the sport of karate to its members and to the general public.


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