Congratulations to all our club members! This was one of the best to this moment performances! Hard work summer time paid off. On base of this tournament results some club members already made Ontario Provincial Team:

  1. Michelle Pokrass -14-15 - 54kg
  2. Anissa Laribi -14-15 +54kg
  3. Samantha Kristantos - 16-17 - 59 kg
  4. Mike Founk - 14-15- 52kg
  5. Vadim Semenikhine - 14-15  -70kg
  6. Mike Konnov - 14-15- +70kg
  7. Daniel Gaysinsky -16-17 -61kg
  8. Denis Adigamov - adults - 67kg
  9. Yuri Kaspin - adults - 75kg
  10. Kirill Bazhenov  -84kg

Based on performance at last grand prix-December 6,2010 more RS KARATE clubs members have chances to be in the Ontario Provincial Team:

Regina Lvov, Tal Bratkov, Alex Kouznetsov, Anton Van, Andrey Holly, Artyom Radzichovski, Gena Sereda...and couple more if "stars aligned properly".

Results chart with elite and recreational divisions available at Karate Ontario website.

Congratulations one more time for great performance and good luck in Portugal next weekend at 1st World Goju Ryu Karate Championship!

Sensei R. Saltikov