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At RS Karate school we offer karate classes to everybody who can commit to regular training and we will help to achieve ones own goals through our commitment to help in this journey.

What are benefits of doing sport?

Participation in sport brings many physical and psychological benefits. Physical benefits include: muscular strength, cardiovascular strength, flexibility, balance ,agility, stronger bones, lower body fat, increase resting metabolism.Psychological benefits include: improved body image, higher self esteem, reduces depression and manages stress.

Canada’s Physical Activity Guide for healthy living promotes one hour of balanced training 4-7 times a week which includes: cardio, strength and flexibility activity to keep and maintain body health and physical fitness.

Why karate?

Karate can be started before 6 years old and can continue in group classes to after 70years old. The practise of karate is more then just training for physical fitness and self- defence it also promotes self-perfection. Mastering karate is a method for achieving self-control, respect, tolerance and acceptance of others. The main goal of karate is not victory against others but over oneself.

Karate is a very balanced form of physical activity which focuses on all muscle groups and have many generations of tradition and development.Through its rank system(belts) karate is a great motivator to continue to practise and study traditions and techniques and will keep students interested longer in taking karate.The best motivator for competitive students is the ability to participate in a sport with rules that promote safety and fun and still have the thrill of a combat sport.

Why compete in sports?

Participation in sport brings many benefits. Competitions motivate students to focus better at training, to organize their time, to study their sport and proper nutrition. Sport can significantly reduce emotional and behavioural disorders in kid and teens which is very important to healthy development. It also keeps kids away from using tobacco, drugs and the negative influences from the street. Through sport kids build confidence and a boost in self esteem then their parents give them positive feedback and show their sense of pride in what their children have achieved. Many studies show that physically active kids have better academics then children not physically active.

Kids are good at sport, because by nature of youth they are active, fast, creative, and competitive. By competing kids learn how to follow rules to keep order in the group to make the environment for everyone safe and fun.

Sport is great area for kids to show their talents, and teaches them to be a team players(even in individual sports) ,because during training and competitions they interact with partners, judges and officials .

We promote a healthy life style by being positive role models and we will do our best to help others pursue the same healthy behaviours!

Sensei Roman Saltikov