Canadian Nationals 2017 (February 24-26, Quebec City)

RSKarate Team sent 10 competitors for the Nationals to Quebec City this
year .Team had 7 more competitors qualified for the Nationals as members of
the Ontario Provincial Team. Unfortunately, conflicting schedule with their
studys didnt allow them to take part at Nationals this year.
Medal results for the RSKarate participants:
1. Ilya Mclean -GOLD 12-13 yo -40kg
2. Daniel Galaman -GOLD 12-13 yo -50kg
3. Etay Liberman -GOLD 12-13 yo +50kg
4. Roni Temnik -SILVER 14-15 yo -57 kg
5. Gary Zipenco -GOLD 16-17 yo -61kg
6. Alina Altinbayeva- SILVER 12-13 yo -45kg
7. Anna Sokolovski- GOLD 14-15 yo -47 kg
8. Daniel Gaysinsky – GOLD Adults +84 kg
Congratulations to everybody!Great job!
Next step- International events with National team.
Good luck!