Cutting weight.

A month before the tournament you already should do your best to come close to your needed weight. If you still have 3-5 kg left then time to prepare yourself for weight cutting. Before weight-in (4-5 days) increase water intake (2 litres or in this range) .Your body starts to excrete more urine then usually. Reduce your sodium (salt) intake with food. Sodium keeps water in your body, this is what we are trying to avoid. Some people using diuretics and laxatives.(this is a wrong-unhealthy way).

Two days before weight-in cut water in half, also cut sodium from nutrition.

Final day - 24 hours - no fluids, no sodium .

The healthy way is not to exceed 5 % of total body weight.

The first way to cut is losing through exercising in a sweat suit or simply put on your body garbage bags and track suit over it. Simple shadow fight, easy cross-training is the best option. If your energy level is not high choose a sauna. Stay in sauna no more then 15-30 minutes with breaks to check your weight on scale. If you followed the procedure then you should not have a problem at weight-in.

After weight -in you must rehydrate back. You must constantly drink liquid containing carbs , protein , and sodium. But remember you can not rehydrate faster then 1,5 litres per hour. Food also can be eaten but carefully-small portions (not to upset stomach) and not later the 2 hours before event starts. Best way to rehydrate is sport drinks or vegetable juices (v 8) and water. Replenish water without listening to signs of first- its not accurate at this stage. You will be done and then your urine be will clear color. Be careful with experimenting before tournaments some routine might not work or give unexpected results.

During this entire period, less stress and adrenaline- the better!