Weight gain.

1. First of all you must add proteins to your nutrition.

At this point ratio should be : 50% - carbohydrates , 30% - proteins , 20% - fats.

2. Also total calorie intake should be increased by 500 kcal.

3. Weight training should be added to your routine (two times a week ).

Must have a meal after training as soon as possible. This meal should include; Proteins(30 grams) , carbohydrates - 100 grams. Basically, the same in the case of losing weight routine. The idea here, is not to lose muscle mass after a hard routine and fast calorie intake stops the body from using proteins from muscles as energy source, (because all carbs are already used at this point during workout).

If you start gaining unnecessary fat with muscle gain then you should start cutting on carbs. By playing with calorie intake you will see what is best for you. Don’t forget when you start routine -commit to it and be persistent. Constantly check your progress . Proper nutrition and training are keys in proper lean muscle gain.

Here some foods good for muscle building:

1. beef, chicken breast, pork tenderloin, tuna, turkey breast( meat group),

2. eggs, low fat buttermilk, skimmed milk, cheese ( diary and egg product group) ,

3. almonds, peanuts, walnuts ( nuts seeds and oils group),

4. bagel plain, wholemeal pita (grains and breads),

5. Soya beans, tofu (legumes) ,

6. artichokes (vegetables),

7. apricots (fruits)

(Main groups to get protein from food are first two.) Rest of the groups give some variety in your nutrition.