Four years ago, when we were looking for a Karate school for our son, we tried hard to find a school, which would teach competitive Karate as a sport. We were very lucky to eventually have found the RS Karate school, and its chief instructor, Roman Saltikov.



When I first met Roman, he simply said "Competition is the only true way to verify where you stand as a karate student". And this turned out to be very true. Karate training at his dojo is always versatile, every practice is unique, and kids never get bored, while growing into truly world-class athletes. Any black-belt student at this school is capable to compete at the national and world level, and students learn to work really hard to get there. So four years later, our son,13 and daughter,7 are both enrolled in Karate classes at RS Karate school and we are very happy that our children can train and experience the greatness of this sport from one of the best coaches in Canada.

Yuri Sokolovski