R.S. Karate School is simply The BEST.


Sensei Roman is the person I haven't seen before. His level of commitment is beyond the imagination. Every day he is teaching several groups of students and there is no vacations, days off or anything like that. He is not only teaching, but he is part of the process he does not making any excuses for himself to not to be part of the training procedure. He puts the same hard load on himself as to us.

It is going on day by day, year after year and we all se the results. The results are outstanding. Year after year we are making the incredible progress and this year we are in better shape than ever before. Many of our team members are in National Team of Canada. We won numerous medals on Karate Ontario and National competitions. Our athletes were on Pan American and other International competitions and they won. I am just proud to be part of R.S. Karae School, to be part of the best
Team in Canada and to be trained by Sensei Roman.


To make things clear - we are not amteurs. The level of expertise, knowledge and experience is that high, that it is not possible to under-perform. Every one of the students who joined our School made an unbeleivable progress. Everyone means every single person who took it seriously and dedicated time and effort to learn Martial Arts. And our Sensei Roman takes it as a real art and Science. There is a lot to learn from him and a lot to master under his supervision. Being ranked a 4th Dan in Goju-Ryu he proved to be a real Master. His level of expertise in different aspects of Marshal Arts is as deep as the ocean. He has an experience in real International Competition, North American and European. Different styles, full contact or not - he has an experience with all.


Many people can Master the subject they choose, but only a few can be a real Teachers. Sensei Roman is one of them. This is a God Given talent. He has the right approach to every one. Knowing what is the wrong with your technique it is half of the problem. Knowing how to correct it and go over your limitations is another half. Knowing that our Sensei has it all in his portfolio making us confident that we are
doing the right things and not wasting our time.

4.Final Word:

It is hard to express what I really want to say about our school and our Sensei. We are just a very lucky team to have the luxury of being trained under Romans supervision. He set the highest standards we
could not dream about. We all changed for good after many years of studying Martial Arts. But this come with the price we pay: hard-work, week after week, year after year. This is what Sensei Roman expects from us and this is part of our life.

Andrey Razine